You know the math: spend less than you earn.

And you're doing that (or you know you should be).

But sometimes you wonder...

"Where is all my money going every month?"

"Am I overpaying for things I'm not thinking about?"

"Can I ever retire?"

What do multi-millionaires have that you don't have (yet)?

Other than a private jet, of course.

But the biggest difference between those who have a bunch of money and the rest of us?

It's not discipline, willpower, or making risky financial moves.


The difference?

​​​​​​​Multi-millionaires pay attention.

They know where each dollar goes.

Want to optimize your money like a multi-millionaire? Maybe you don't want a private jet. Maybe you're happy to settle for a first-class vacation.

That's what Finding Benjamins is all about.

We created The Millionaire's Money Management System to help you get the most out of your money. You worked hard to earn it... now it's time to keep as much of it as you can, and make it grow.
-Joe Saul Sehy, founder

Early feedback:

"Spend some time with Joe and Kathleen for a guided tour of where to look first. Like listening to some good friends, they provide a lot of good insight and are helpful in a non-judgey way.

By the end, they definitely get you in the frame of mind to question your expenses so you can find those Benjamins."

-James Varghese

Introducing: The Millionaire's Money Management System, the course that came from Joe's 16 years as a financial planner, where we break down the keys to building wealth for everyone.

Here's what we'll cover...

Easy Wins [Six lessons, each right around ten minutes]
You'll find five places where money is sure to be leaking out of your wallet without you even knowing about it. We'll get into a neat trick that will help you make sure those Benjamins really get saved.

The Full Budget [Four lessons, each right around ten minutes]
Here we get into the nitty gritty of the line items. We'll talk about the ideal budget, debt restructuring, and the various types of expenses to look out for.

The "Not-so-Obvious" Stuff [One ten-minute lesson]
Five mistakes you're probably making, and how to fix them.

Things to do Right Away [A handy to-do list so you don't miss anything]
Before you finish the course, you'll have a clear picture of your financial future, with the keys that will set you up for the rest of your life. While this course won't make you a millionaire overnight, it will give you the tools you need to set yourself up for financial freedom.

Imagine yourself, one year from now...

It's a year from today. You're taking a look at your bank account. It's big.

"I'm really glad I set up my accounts to capture as much money as possible," you say to your spouse/friend/dog.

"Taking that Finding Benjamins​​​​​​​ course was the best idea I've had in a long time."
  • Imagine confidently checking your bank account, and knowing you won't see red.
  • Imagine being able to take your partner out to a nice dinner and a movie without debating whether you can "afford" a nice glass of wine.

    With The Millionaire's Money Management System you'll get 12-modules that won't make you a millionaire overnight, but will set you up set the foundation to live a life of financial freedom.

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